My new tattoo and what it means to me


 明日は明日、今日は今日 – Ashita wa ashita, kyo wa kyou.

  • Meaning: Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is today.

Worry about today, because tomorrow will come tomorrow. Priorities first. One day at a time. Vocab

  • 明日 – Ashita – Tomorrow
  • 今日 – Kyou – Today
A dedication to my personal recovery with #addiction, I have been in #recovery now for about six months. It has not been easy. Growing up with an #alcoholic father did not help my chances at being a #normie or a normal drinker. I have always beens someone who does things in excess, and drinking was no exception. The first day I took a drink I was 14 years old, the last thing I remember was puking my guts out before passing out in my friends bed. Mind you I was only 14 and drinking Smirnoff …YUCK, and I had no idea how to drink, the only problem is I never truly figured it out. I began raving and doing ecstasy at the age of 16 and boy did I LOVE it.
However, by the time I turned about 20 I was kinda over it. I was not unfortunately, by any means over drinking. I lost friends, and did some horribly regrettable things that still make me #cringe to this day. It took me another 5 years of continuously reliving my self-destructive cycle, until I figured out…I like my father had become an #addict. The difference being that I realized enough was enough. I was and am still willing to do anything to avoid that lifestyle.
So, I did what any desperate 25 year old with a drinking problem and enough self realization to admit I could not stop on my own, I withdrew from my final quarter at UCSB and decided to check myself into #rehab. Thus, I began my journey to #sobriety. I was completely and utterly terrified. Worst of all I had never felt so #alone in mt entire lifetime.
After I got over the initial hump of feeling like death incarnate from the #withdrawal process, I discovered that I was not alone at all. In fact, I was surrounded by people that knew exactly what I was going through. I gained a sense of #community and met some of the most wonderful people I had ever come across in my entire life. After a month and a half, I left rehab and returned to finish school over the summer, which was not easy in the slightest, but I did it. Now, I have my BA in #psychology from one of the top public Universities in California: #UCSB.
While I am not cured, nor will I ever be. I have a life worth living. A life with integrity. I plan to go on to get my master’s, and then one day my P.hd, so I can one day give back the same gift I was given, another chance.
I want to thank everyone who continuously stood by me in my time of need, even though it would have been MUCH easier to just walk away. So, it is today with my pleasure and honor I can say:
“Hello, my name is Gaby and I am a #grateful alcoholic.”
If you’re going through anything similar, or just want to comment on anything related to my story please DO NOT hesitate.


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